Saturday, January 9, 2010

Learning Guitar, Day 6

Today was even busier than yesterday, and I only had a half hour to practice. I spent a few minutes reviewing my chords, then doing some chord changes. I finished with a little practice of Three Little Birds, and even a recording.

I'm finding its getting easier for me to focus on strumming than my fretting hand, but I'm still not perfect yet. My fingers are also hurting less. My middle finger mostly doesn't hurt any more, but my ring finger still has the blister.

My thoughts were correct that I sound much better than I hear while playing. I tried recording myself playing Three Little Birds, and it sounded great. The chord changes were slow, and didn't sound too good, but the chords themselves sounded nice. I think I am getting good at this.

Tomorrow I should have a little more time to practice. We will see.

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