Friday, January 15, 2010

Learning Guitar, Day 12

More review! Woo!

I went over all the chords I now know, and they all seemed pretty easy now. I also tried one minute changes on the 5 recommended changes.
A-Em: 22
Am-Dm: 19
A-Dm: 14
E-D: 37
Em-D: 35
When I started, I felt sort of confused as to what I was doing. It took me a bit to get into the zone for switching chords. Also, watching a video with tips on changing between all of these really helped.

A-Em should have been really easy, but some how it wasn't. As the minute went on it did get easier though. Am-Dm feels like chaos for my fingers, as all of them need to be re-arranged. A-Dm took the longest, but I eventually got in the grove, literally. The B string started making a groove in my ring finger, which really hurt. E-D was easy, as I've been practicing it for a week now. Em-D was a bit different, but after a while it felt almost easier than E-D. The hardest part (which will be easy to fix) was getting the fingers for the Em chord on the right strings. They would easily go to the right shape, but shifted one string down, like an Am without the index finger. Since it was so easy, I may switch it out for something harder in the future.

Since it didn't feel right to me to stop doing the other chord changes I've been doing, I gave them a try.
A-D: 59
A-E: 52
The interesting thing was not that I went so fast, but that it felt like I knew them very well. I felt really confident with the switches. Maybe a few days of not doing them helped a bit?

No song playing tonight. I may start learning the rest of Three Little Birds soon, but I would really like to find a song using all (or most) of the chords I now have. Unfortunately the guide I am using doesn't have any suggestions. Maybe soon I'll be writing my own music? :)

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