Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Learning Guitar, Day 17

More work with the metronome today. I increased from 33 to 35 bpm (A-D change). I'm finding it interesting that even though a 1 bpm change is so small, I reach a point where it is too fast. Breaks seem to help a bit. After not playing for a short while I seem to be able to play at a slightly faster rate than before.

As for how I'm improving, I'm noticing my index finger is not pushing down hard enough and the string deadens a little when playing both chords. Also for the D chord I'm finding I don't slide my ring finger out far enough many times to correctly press the string. I'm working on those, as well as making sure my hand is round and my fingers are square. Other than that, I am finding I can play quite a few good sounding chords in a row before I mess up or my hand cramps up.

I'm slowly seeing results, but it is not without some frustration. Whenever I mess up a few times in a row it bugs me a lot, and I lose some motivation. However I am seeing some progress in terms of how fast I am playing which feels good. I am also forcing myself to practice every day that I possibly can, which I know is helping. I just keep picturing myself playing an awesome blues solo. :)

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