Thursday, January 28, 2010

Learning Guitar, Day 24

So I did manage to get in all of my exercises today. I reviewed my chords, and did more practice with my scale exercises.

C chord really sucks now. G chord is cake, and C chord is torture. I still have to consciously think of how to place my hand, and even then half the time I mute strings, or the B string buzzes. Gah...

I did manage to learn to play the main part of Tisbury Lane, and I can even play it the way it was meant to be played. When I first tried a few days ago, it didn't feel right, like a note or something was missing. After going through it again, I realized I needed to mute the two-string chords some of the times I play them. I gave that a try, and it sounded exactly correct. I watched a bunch of youtube videos of people playing this song, and I learned a lot, including how to play the last three notes without moving my hand, and the correct way to mute the strings. I can't play the song very fast, but it sounds good!

More tomorrow!

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