Friday, January 22, 2010

Learning Guitar, Day 19

So it seems I've only been doing metronome practice lately. I worked the entire time at 35 bpm, which some how started off feeling slow, and later felt very fast. I couldn't seem to get myself to play accurately enough to feel good moving up another notch. I did notice I constantly deaden the A string by not pressing correctly with my index finger, on both the A and D chords. I also found me not rotating my hand enough. I worked on those problems a bit, but I still never managed to pass 35. Plus I was getting a bit bored with the exercise, so I think it's really time to start mixing things up. I'll most likely bring back the 1 minute chord changes since even though they may not be the best practice, they were a bit more fun.

And that's what I want, right? :)

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