Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Learning Guitar, Day 3

Today was spent practicing the three chords I know. I had no problem remembering them, and little problem getting them to ring clearly.

I started trying to see how many chord changes I could do in a minute. I started a timer for 1:05. got the first chord ready, and started mashing my fingers at the one minute mark. I counted each chord individually. After 4 trials, here were my best number of changes:
D-A: 24
D-E: 21
A-E: 20

I could feel myself speeding up, but the pain in my fingers made me take a break between each practice session. However, I still found myself placing fingers one at a time. Once I have the calluses built up, I will just need to practice to reach to my target of 60 in a minute.

I tried playing a bit of a song! I could play the chorus to Three Little Birds by Bob Marley reasonably well.

I've discovered one reason I am struggling sometimes to get my chords to ring clearly. When I hold the strings for long enough, they leave indents on my fingers. This lets them lift off just enough to buzz or sound dead. If I try to adjust my finger to fix that, the string finds its way back into that groove. Again, this means suffering until I have some calluses.

Also, I'm noticing a weird dull pain in my wrist and forearm. I have a feeling this is from playing too much, and building up the new muscles in my left hand. At least I hope it is. Time will tell.

Despite the pain, I am still just as excited about playing guitar. Obviously I can't wait to be playing songs I really know, but for now I am happy with what I'm doing.

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